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Overview of Fanling North NDA

The Fanling North New Development Area (FLN NDA) abuts the existing Fanling / Sheung Shui New Town and the proposed Kwu Tung North (KTN) NDA. Located next to the Ng Tung River and featuring mountainous areas to its north, the FLN NDA will be developed into a riverside community surrounded by a splendid scenery. The NDA will be equipped with a wide range of community facilities as well as a comfortable environment, making it a quality area for living.

The FNL NDA covers an area of approximately 165 ha. New public and private housing units are proposed to be provided with a distribution of 70:30, accommodating a population of over 74,000. There will also be various community and government facilities. Upon development, it is expected to provide about 6,800 job opportunities covering retails, services, as well as agricultural sectors.

The NDA will be planned and developed as four character areas, each providing different facilities. The area located in the eastern portion and abuts the existing market town of Luen Wo Hui will be planned as the District Centre. Meanwhile, the western portion will be developed as the Residential Area. Both districts will serve as the nodes in the NDA, providing a mix of residential, retail, social and community facilities, as well as adequate public spaces. Most of the major facilities will be located within a walking distance of 500 metres from the proposed public transport interchanges (PTIs). This approach will greatly enhance the accessibility of the facilities.

The current Shek Wu San Tsuen area which is centrally located in the NDA is planned to be the Central Park. With the surrounding social welfare and recreational facilities, this portion of the NDA will serve as the Civic and Recreation Area. The Government Facilities Zone will be located in the northwest of the NDA. It is proposed to provide police training facilities there, and further expansion works will be carried out to the existing Shek Wu Hui Sewage Treatment Works located there. Furthermore, the development plan also places emphasis on the conservation of nature as well as the development of agriculture. The design and planning are carefully made to avoid causing damages to the Ng Tung River and the hilly terrain in the northern part of the area. The 12-ha agricultural land located in Fu Tei Au will also be preserved.

The FLN NDA will also strive to create a pedestrian-friendly environment by providing accessible pedestrian corridors. There will be four green spines which connect various areas in Fanling and Sheung Shui to the two district nodes in the NDA. This will further promote the interactions between the new and old communities. Besides, pedestrian footpaths will be provided along the north-south running open space corridors and the east-west running riverside promenade, so that there will be easy access for pedestrians to travel between residential areas and the major activity nodes as well as public open spaces. A cruciform pedestrian shopping street with two-storey terraces on both sides providing shops and restaurants will be developed in the District Centre. The NDA will become not only a pedestrian-friendly space, but also a vibrant and dynamic area.

Apart from promoting easy access for pedestrians, the FLN NDA will also provide a comprehensive cycle track network. There will be various cycle tracks connecting the major activity nodes to the existing cycle track networks in Fanling, Sheung Shui, as well as the proposed one in the KTN NDA. To facilitate the public, cycle parking will be provided near the proposed PTIs and major activity spots.

Regarding the urban design, interactions between the new developments and existing environment. In general, the development intensity and building height profile will decrease from the central areas towards the periphery and riverside. Certain restrictions will also be imposed regarding the heights of the riverfront developments. The stepped building height poses least limitation for the public to access the scenery of the riverside and hilly terrain. This urban design framework will work with the green spaces in the NDA to create a pleasant living environment.

Overall Progress of the NDAs

The development schemes of the KTN and FLN NDAs will be divided into two phases in general. In the first phase, the government will resume and clear both the private and government lands which are planned for developments. Site formation and infrastructure works, including waterworks and landscaping works, will be implemented in the lands. Reprovisioning or enhancement works will also be carried out to the existing public facilities as well as nature park. The first phase development has been commenced in the latter half of 2019 for the first population intake in 2023. The remaining works, including site formation, infrastructure works, as well as the construction and widening works of roads, will also start as early as possible. The entire development schemes of the KTN and FLN NDAs are expected to be completed in 2031.

Kwu Tung North / Fanling North New Development Area Website

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