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The government announced in the 2019-20 Budget that $5.5 billion would be earmarked for the expansion of Cyberport with an aim to attract more quality technology companies and start-ups to set up their offices in Cyberport and provide a pathway for young people to pursue a career in I&T.

The Cyberport expansion project involves construction of a new office building at a waterfront site of approximately 1.6 hectares north west of the waterfront park and opposite the existing Cyberport Arcade. The existing Cyberport waterfront park will also be enhanced.

New Office Building

The new ten-storey office building, at a maximum height of 58 metres above the Hong Kong Principal Datum, provides a gross floor area of about 66,000 square metres. The facilities in the building include office, co-working space, a data services platform, a multi-function hall and ancillary facilities.

According to the Southern District Council Papers, a “stepped profile” with building height progressing from south to north and from west to east will be adopted. Rooftop and vertical greening will be blended in with surrounding environment.

Cyberport currently has four office buildings, providing a total gross floor area of 119,000 square metres (and lettable area of around 98,000 square metres). The capacity of these facilities is already saturated, with the occupancy rates of office and co-working space therein consistently maintaining at high levels of 90% and 95% respectively. Cyberport 5 will provide an additional gross floor area of 36,000 square metres of office and co-working space, representing about 30% of the total floor area of the office and co-working space currently at the campus. They will be equipped with advanced smart office facilities which meet the working modes of the next generation digital technology enterprises and their online-to-offline business needs.

Data Services Platform

A data services platform will be set up in Cyberport 5 to provide convenient and flexible cloud data services, safe server rooms, and relating ancillary facilities for Cyberport’s start-ups to facilitate their development and testing of new products. The platform can also offer suitable facilities and environment for promoting and enhancing cyber security training for the industry and provide crisis management simulation.

Multi-function Hall

At present, the largest conference facility in Cyberport can only accommodate a maximum of 300 persons, which is inadequate in hosting regional or even international conferences and events. In order to strengthen its role as the I&T hub in Hong Kong, Cyberport intends to adopt a flexible approach in building the multi-function hall which allows for adjustment of the hall capacity having regard to the scale of events. The hall can accommodate up to 800 persons and will be equipped with advanced and comprehensive facilities and technologies, such as video-conferencing, live broadcasting and ICT facilities.

Ancillary Facilities

Part of the floor space of the new office building will be designated for smart living demonstration hall for demonstration of I&T applications. Space will be reserved for facilities such as different types of food and beverages services, convenience stores and retail shops etc. to serve the Cyberport community and nearby residents. Cyberport will also designate part of the floor space as open space for use by the public. Furthermore, Cyberport will actively introduce facilities and services with smart living elements. Equipped with an automated car parking system, Cyberport’s carpark will be placed in the two levels of basement to minimise the above-ground building height.

Enhancing the Waterfront Park

Considering public needs, Cyberport will enhance the environment and facilities of the park by constructing a waterfront promenade, re-laying turf, adding pet-friendly and smart facilities as well as landscaping to enable members of the public to better enjoy the comfortable green space and bring greater convenience through the provision of ICT and smart living facilities.


The building site and the nearest residential building will be separated by Cyberport Arcade, office buildings and a hotel. Non-percussive piling method and noise barriers will be adopted. Modular integrated construction (MiC) will also be considered to minimize construction noise.


The total development cost is estimated to be $4,792 million. 80% of the construction cost will be financed by the government equity while the remaining 20% by commercial loan. If funding approval can be obtained from the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council in mid-2021, the construction works may commence in the fourth quarter of 2021 for completion in 2025 at the earliest.

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Complimentary copies available to members of the following associations:

The Hong Kong Construction Association
Macau Coustruction Association
Hong Kong General Building Contractors Association
Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists
China Hongkong Society for Trenchless Technology Association
Hong Kong Construction Materials Association Limited
Contractor's Authorised Signatory Association
Hong Kong Construction Machinery Association